Procrastination Hack: How to avoid missing deadlines


Have you been missing your deadlines lately? If you have, you are not alone. In fact, this is a big issue among remote workers who choose to work from the comfort of their home. From distractions to the temptation of putting things off for “later”, working from home can be counterproductive for remote workers. Here are four tips that will help you meet those important deadlines when working remotely:

  • The (10+2)*5 method. This is when you work for 10 minutes without losing focus then take a 2-minute break, doing this 5 times will make a whole hour. This will improve productivity and help to avoid procrastinating.
  • Set a schedule, and stick to it. The best part about working remotely is the freedom of working on your own schedule, kind of. This freedom can something cause you to lose track of deadlines and then rush to meet them with subpar work. Developing a set schedule will help to keep you honest and not take the freedom of working remotely for granted.
  • Break a Sweat. We see this one on every piece of content for entrepreneurs and remote workers but we still have to mention it here because it’s important. Exercising is proven to increase productivity and release endorphins "Happy Hormones" that can help you better focus on work. This a great way jump-start your day and keep on track of your daily schedule.
  • Join the Coworking wave. Remote workers claim that they are able to meet deadlines easier when working in a coworking space. Deskmag's annual global Coworking Survey found that individuals in coworking spaces are 64% better at meeting deadlines, 68% claim they can focus better, and 71% reported an increase in creativity.

Procrastination will always add pressure to meet a deadline resulting in rushed and subpar work. These four tips can help you avoid this problem in the remote world. We hope you can put these tips and ideas to good use. If you are a remote worker and would like to share your best practices, please leave a message in the comments area below.


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